Wobbly Feet Receives Grant from Cardinal Health Foundation!

Wobbly Feet Foundation is honored to receive a $3,500 grant from the Cardinal Health Foundation! Thank you to board member and Cardinal Health employee, Diane Lacenere for participating in the foundation’s grant program by submitting Wobbly Feet as an applicant. Funds from the grant will 100% go towards advances in A-T research by being dedicated to a new genome project lead by our national charity for research, the A-T Children’s Project.

The genome (DNA) sequencing  will allow scientists to better understand the various physiology seen in children diagnosed with A-T and has potential to unlock new pathways for a formal treatment. The goal for this project is for all 500 children diagnosed in the USA to be tested. At a cost of $1,500 per child, this grant will allow 2 children to receive the testing with results contributing to the study. The balance of the grant will go towards the Wobbly Feet Family Grant program.

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